About Us​

Dental Art Clinic of Dr. Rayer Michael has been a leading dental care clinic with over 25 years


Teeth is a sensitive subject… therefore, we try to put off dental treatment as much as we can and that’s a shame. A good dental treatment can be done with the best technologies and minimal discomfort.  My name is Dr. Michael Rayer, a dentist with over 35 years of experience, and I manage the boutique Dental Art Clinic. Over the years, I have managed several private clinics as well as helping patients as a senior doctor at public clinics. Along the years, I developed the working technique that gets the maximal benefit to dental health and a perfect aesthetical look.


Leaders in technology for a perfect result


You will be pleased to know that dental treatment can be pleasant and comfortable. Using advanced technologies, you can achieve perfect execution with minimal use of invasive techniques. These Biomimetics dentistry (life-like imitation) achieve greater teeth stability alongside an optimal aesthetic look.


A good example is a unique treatment provided in the clinic called Cerec system of Cad/ Cam technology which allows accurate engraving and optimal teeth restoration using custom made advanced materials. The result are functional and aesthetic restorations (onlays/inlays/ non-metallic crowns Allceram).


This technology also allows for replacement of old generation metal based restorations and crown. As an example: it is known that metals such as amalgam have been linked to migraines and allergies.

Additional unique techniques which we use in the clinic include treatments with minimal sensitivity and additional technologies which improve the treatment experience.


Comprehensive treatment solutions


In the clinic we provide comprehensive dental care (Operative Dentistry). We can perform complex surgical operations, dental aesthetics, teeth whitening, dental rehabilitation, transplants, root canal, gum treatment, etc. When necessary we can provide procedures under general anaesthesia, supervised by an anaesthesiologist.

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