(Dental Implants (Simplant system

Dental implants along with CAD/CAM technology

(Simplant Navigation System + Computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing).

This allows for accurate planning of implant work and dental rehabilitation of implants. In addition, this method significantly shortens the duration of treatment and required number of visits.

Using this method decreases the risk of implant failure and greatly improve the aesthetic results of the treatment.

In our clinic we make us of various implants, including using the most advanced implant system by Straumann, the success rate of implant acceptance in Straumann implants is over 96%.

These implants are made in accordance with patented systems (special plasma veneer, using Pure Titanium metals) and their quality allows for implant longevity. Usually the procedure is Flapless surgery (no incision and sowing)!

Case 1: ​Condition after Implantation

Case 1: Pre-Treatment Condition

Case 1: ​ Full arches reabilitation on implants

Case 2: Implantation and temporary reabilitation of anterior teeath of upper jaw

Case 2: Condition Pre-Treatment: anterior teeth fractures

 Case 2: Reabilitation with Zirconia crowns and Porcelain Laminate Veneers PLV