Our Staff

​RDHSvetlana Michaelov-Hay, certified dental hygienist, RDH

Certified dental hygienist, graduate of Tel-Aviv University.


Kind, attentive and thorough dental hygienist.


Additionally Svetlana is an instructor on dental hygiene course in Tel-Aviv University of dental hygiene studies that assures updated care and instruction to her patients.

​Dr. Ari Raizman, Root Canal Specialist, DMD

Holder of the expert degree of the Israeli Ministry of Health in root canal treatments from 2004.

Graduated from the fellowship program (endodontics) at the School of Dentistry, Tel-Aviv University.

Extensive clinical experience in complex treatments including the use of a microscope for root canal treatments and micro-endodontic methods.

Believes that a personal approach to patients and a pleasant atmosphere are very important and not less than the advanced professional methods

Have been working previously as a head of the Root Canal Treatment Department at IDF in Tel-Ha-Shomer hospital

​Konkov Irina, certified assistant

Graduate of Ort Singalovski College, Dental Assistance studies.


A professional and certified assistant, kind and attentive to her patients.


She's dedicated to her work.

A dentist with over 35 years of experience, with vast experience in dental rehabilitation and emphasis on dental aesthetics and dental implants, as well as additional fields of practice.


Dr. Michael Rayer treats his patients with patience and provides personal care while underlining the needs of the patient, believes that a calm atmosphere is a key component in reducing anxiety, and provides special treatment to patients who suffer from Dental Fear.


Experienced practitioner of digital dentistry has vast knowledge and always up to date on the newest medical advancements in the field of dental care.

Believes in a non-invasive approach which stresses teeth preservation.


“I believe in dentistry as an art and combine dental care with dental aesthetics”.

Dr. Michael Rayer, D.MD​